Back to Basics with Eyeota: Handy guide on how to use audience data

by Dominic Seah on

Eyeota-Back-To-Basics_V2.pngEyeota launches a series of Back to Basics educational infographics and articles. We hope to demystify the wonderful world of audience data and the role it plays in driving the digital advertising ecosystem. 

This week, Netimperative shares our infographic with tips for marketers and buyers on how to use audience data for your online ad campaign strategies:

  1. Use the right metric
  2. Make sure your campaign strategies work together
  3. Monitor bot traffic




This post was written by Dominic Seah

Dominic is our Marketing Assistant based in Singapore. A keen student of the programmatic world, he also enjoys food, Arthurian legend and all things jazz.

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