Eyeota, TwentyCi Deliver Enriched Real Estate Audiences

by Bennie Sham on

twentyciEyeota and TwentyCi, a data science company specializing in property data, partner to provide qualified audiences to brands and agencies targeting UK consumers at key stages of home-moving and type of home ownership.


Paul Hickey, Director of Digital Solutions at TwentyCi, says, “We have seen that audiences at significant home-moving stages have a higher propensity to spend on categories such as auto, retail and finance. TwentyCi is very excited to partner with Eyeota to connect brands and marketers to this potentially high-spending audience.”

TwentyCi factual property data covers the entire house purchasing cycle, including pre-movers, move planners, nest builders and homemakers. Eyeota integrates the data via its proprietary heuristic onboarding methodology, and ensures that no points of personal data are exchanged to enable the matching process of TwentyCi data with Eyeota’s online profiles. TwentyCi property data is activated digitally through the Eyeota Audience Marketplace and made available across various platforms for programmatic advertising campaigns.

Marketers can activate these unique segments to target audiences at important home-moving and purchase-trigger stages, influence the intent to purchase cycle, and engage audiences at varying lifestyle interest-levels.

“The demand for real estate audiences is on the rise. In the last 12 months, we have observed a 3.3x growth in demand for real estate audiences in our marketplace,” said Aaron Jackson, Managing Director, EMEA, Eyeota. “Our partnership with TwentyCi is a critical step in expanding our solution for advertisers looking to accurately identify audiences at different stages along the home-ownership cycle, providing valuable insights into their purchase and lifestyle behaviors.”

With a 99.6% coverage of the UK property market tracking the process of sale using more than 4,000 different data points, TwentyCi has a unique and expansive reach of the UK market. Its data is derived from a wide range of multiple GDPR-compliant sources.

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