GfK and Eyeota consumer purchasing-power retail data available to advertisers across Europe

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Eyeota_Partnership_GFK_blog.png“Retail Purchasing Power” and “Purchasing Power for Retail Product Lines” now available to improve accuracy of targeting consumers online according to their offline shopping habits



is making data on consumer purchasing power available across Europe via the Eyeota Data Marketplace, it announced today.

GfK and Eyeota, who formed a partnership last year, have extended their European Purchasing Power portfolio of data segments to cover specific retail categories in more detail, enabling even better online targeting according to consumer’s offline purchase behavior.

These data segments are standardized across multiple Europe markets. For example, retailers and brands selling food, household products and health products will be interested in this capability to bridge offline behavior with online targeting.  According to GfK’s global FutureBuy study*, 54 percent of consumers purchase exclusively in store, but this rises sharply for sectors such as  packaged food and beverages  (75 percent), OTC healthcare (76 percent) and household washing and cleaning products (76 percent).


GfK Purchasing Power segments are generated from multiple sources, including official bureau statistics combined with proprietary analyses of consumers' shopping behavior. They are validated through a series of internal quality checks and cross-checked with the results of on-site evaluations performed by GfK experts. The segments conform to data privacy standards and are readily available for use on the Eyeota audience platform.

GfK Retail Purchasing Power (High/Medium/Low) is the share of purchasing power available for retail purchases. It is available for Austria, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Turkey and the U.S.

GfK Purchasing Power for Retail Product Lines (High/Medium/Low) is the share of purchasing power available for retail purchases of a specific product line within categories such as: food and beverages, health, clothing, shoes, furnishings, household products, appliances, consumer electronics, watches, jewelry, sporting goods, home improvement. These data segments are available for Austria, Germany, Denmark, Spain and the Netherlands.

Niko Waesche, Head of Customer and Audience Activation at GfK, said, “Remember: Not all products are purchased online, so our data, which assesses how people spend in offline retail channels, is incredibly valuable for advertisers. GfK Purchasing Power is the most the accurate way to engage audiences with high, medium and low purchasing power and helps advertisers to segment campaigns to specific audiences. For example, using our suite of segments, a retailer can accurately target premium, value and economy food shoppers.”

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