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Eyeota Doubles Down on ANZ by Adding Peter Hunter as General Manager

by Bennie Sham on

Advertising industry veteran Peter Hunter has joined Eyeota, the global leader in audience data, as General Manager, ANZ.

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Eyeota and Ipsos Expand Partnership

by Dominic Seah on

Eyeota, the global leader for audience data, and Ipsos, one of the world’s leading survey-based marketing research firms, have entered a new phase in their partnership to bring new data segments to advertisers around the world.


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MediaScope's Live Friday Chat with Trent Lloyd from Eyeota

by Trent Lloyd on

I sat down with Denise Shrivell from MediaScope recently in a live chat. It was a great session as we chatted about changes in the digital media landscape in Australia. 

If you missed the session, I have summarized some interesting key points that I shared:

  • What's challenging about data in the Australian market?

There are relatively few individual sources of data at scale. But this also means that publishers are able to monetize their data quickly and there is the infrastructure in place for data integrations to make it worthwhile for an agency.

  • As a data vendor, one has to understand the nuances between different markets

We understand different languages and know that there are different purchase cycles for different products across each market. A marketer in Australia vs the United States or Germany will have unique data needs when they are searching for data to reach customers in the market to buy a car. This is something we factor in when we decide on the shelf life of an auto intent data segment for each market.

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Roy Morgan Releases New Political Audience Data Segments

by Dominic Seah on

Roy Morgan Research today announced the launch of a collection of ‘political’ audience segments for use by Australia’s advertisers and media agencies in the lead up to the Federal Election.

The audience segments are available through Roy Morgan’s network of media and data partners across; programmatic, premium digital display / video advertising, mobile advertising, email, direct and unaddressed mail.

The new audience segments enable advertisers such as political parties and others to precisely  target audiences made up of; undecided and swinging voters to those concerned with issues such as health, education, the environment, tax, defence, rural & regional issues, unemployment, improving business conditions, crime, workplace and immigration.

The segments are available now on Eyeota, Yahoo!7, Facebook, Acxiom, Near, Mi9, Big Mobile and Greater Data.

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Does The Public Get What We Do With Data?

by Dominic Seah on

As more people turn to ad blockers, Trent Lloyd, Co-Founder and Managing Director APAC at Eyeota, writes in the ADMA blog questioning whether it is down to a lack of understanding of how behavioural advertising works. He suggests the industry needs to demonstrate how we ensure we only use non-identifiable data.

There is no doubt that there is a lot of confusion amongst the general public on the question of data. Who has it? What do they do with it? And how do you stop them?

In part, the fear is about personal details being gathered and sold-on to another party. Such a move, without the individual’s expression permission, is, of course, a breach of the Privacy Act and could result in a penalty of up to $1.7 million .

Unfortunately for our industry many consumers do not get the difference between this sort of infringement – involving identifiable data – and the non-identifiable tracking used for behavioural advertising.

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Eye on Insights: Australia B2B Audience Data Market Update

by Jessie De Luca on

Jessie De Luca, Director of Activation, Insights and Analytics at Eyeota, shares the latest update in our new research-based series, Eye on Insights.

Here at Eyeota, we are in the business of data. Our Activation, Insights and Analytics team combines both internal data – derived from our 1.8 billion unique profiles and sales data – with extensive external research. 

How this helps advertisers and publishers

Eyeota shares our findings about advertisers’ audience
data usage and general consumer behaviour pertaining to the B2B market. If you are an advertiser utilizing audience data for the B2B market, this market update enables you to stay updated with the latest trends in audience data usage. For publishers with B2B data, this market update will inform you on the types of B2B data advertisers are purchasing to monetize your audience data.

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Eyeota and CoreLogic Announce Partnership

by Dominic Seah on

Eyeota – the global leader for local audience data – and CoreLogic, the world’s largest property data and analytics company, have partnered to launch Real Estate Indicator data.

With Eyeota’s data digitalization capability, the partnership means that audience data segments are now available online to marketers and media buyers in Australia. This means that they will be able to improve online audience targeting performance through effective segmentation by property location. Eyeota has appended over 45 million unique Australian profiles to further enhance CoreLogic’s property data postcode segments. This allows advertisers to gain superior property data insights for digital advertising through all leading DSPs and DMPs.

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Debunking Five Myths on Data and Programmatic

by Trent Lloyd on

Trent Lloyd, Co-Founder of Eyeota, debunks some of the most common myths on data and programmatic ad buying in IAB Australia's blog

The digital landscape is inundated with ads. The sheer range of choice means agencies are being pressured to ensure they reach target audiences effectively, whilst publishers fight for audience attention. 

Bigger audiences do not just mean more ad impressions, they also provide the opportunity to gather more data, helping to pinpoint advertisers’ target audiences more effectively. 

The opportunity on both sides is immense. For advertisers data can reduce wastage and drive better outcomes. For publishers, data usage is a chance to improve yield, offering the evidence that their inventory will work better than those lacking the same level of audience data.

Yet myths remain about the role and relevancy of data in an age of automation. Let me debunk a few of them:

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Nobody Wins With Adblocking

by Trent Lloyd on

Trent Lloyd, Co-Founder and GM publisher development at Eyeota, writes in AdNews why the adblocking issue is a battle where neither advertisers nor publishers will win. 

Surprise, surprise. The advertising industry thinks ad-blocking is a bad idea. But many web users – more than one million Australians – claim it provides a better online experience. Pagefair estimates that as many as 200 million web users globally might be using ad-blocking software. For them, it seems, the concept of a website funded by advertising is too intrusive to contemplate. Yet they are happy to consume the content. They like the idea of a free lunch. Yet they have cost publishers US$22 billion in 2014.

Randall Rothenberg, President of the Interactive Advertising Bureau in the US, describes ad blocking as robbery, plain and simple. He says it is “an extortionist scheme that exploits consumer disaffection and risks distorting the economics of democratic capitalism”.

Sadly, the response from those installing the software is likely to be, “well, he would say that wouldn’t he?”

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The True Value of Audience Data for Marketers

by Trent Lloyd on

The true value in data is knowing as much as you can about your audience, writes Trent Lloyd, Co-Founder of Eyeota in Marketing Magazine Australia. 

In programmatic trading land ‘more’ data is definitely more. The more data points marketers have about an individual, the more likely they are to be able to build a valuable profile of them as a human being.

Until recently it’s all been about harvesting data, but finally we’re moving into a far more exciting phase of actually using data.

It’s no longer a case of whether or not advertisers need ‘big data’.

It’s a case of who has the best data combination in the race to unlock the greatest audience value.

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