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Eyeota in TubeMogul Case Study

by Dominic Seah on

Eyeota was recently mentioned in a case study by TubeMogul studying how Sony, the world's leading consumer electronics brand, partnered with MEC and TubeMogul to drive Brand Lift in South East Asia for its Android TV™ product range.

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Eye on Insights: Eyeota Reveals Untapped Monetization Opportunities for Hotel Booking Site

by Jessie De Luca on

As a data-driven company, Eyeota's insights enable publishers to identify more data opportunities to generate additional revenue. In this case study, we show how our Activation, Insights & Analytics team helped a publisher - a hotel booking site - to boost its revenue potential.

A hotel booking site working with Eyeota has a wealth of valuable behavioral data and declared demographic data from user registrations. Unlike most websites, the publisher does not generate revenue from advertising but derives income primarily from booking commissions.

Partnering with Eyeota to monetize their audience data represented an important source of secondary revenue.

This publisher experienced decreased revenue from audience data sales after the peak summer travel booking season.

Challenge: Maximize publisher earnings throughout the year

Eyeota's team identified four areas that needed attention to help maximize the booking site's revenue potential.

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