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New Partnership: Eyeota Partners with Media iQ

by Dominic Seah on

Media iQ, the global analytics and technology specialist, today announces it has formed a global partnership with Eyeota, the global leader for audience data.

The unique integration will allow Media iQ to utilize Eyeota's data segments to gain an unrivalled understanding of audience insights across every market they work in. In doing so, the analytics and technology specialist will be able to help clients make better advertising decisions before a campaign has even started. This will lead to better performance and less wastage, whilst driving more sales.

This announcement makes AiQ, Media iQ's advanced analytics technology platform, even more effective at generating business-changing insight for its advertisers. AiQ collects, stores and processes over one trillion data points per day, providing customers with valuable insights.

By teaming up with Eyeota these unique tools will allow advertisers to make the most out of their marketing investment and drive business growth.

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Eyeota Annual Index: How Advertisers Are Using Audience Data

by Kevin Tan on

How are advertisers using audience data to drive their online advertising campaigns? Kevin Tan, CEO of Eyeota, summarizes findings from the Eyeota Annual Index in Performancein.

Programmatic budgets continue their ascendancy and, as predicted, future spend is still grabbing the headlines. If programmatic ad-buying is the engine, audience data is the fuel powering it. Why? Because it empowers brands to engage audiences as human beings.

Rather than being a bore at a dinner party, advertisers can liven it up by using audience data to get context and relevancy as the basis for their communications with consumers. In short, programmatic campaigns can only be as good as the data driving them.

So, what data are advertisers purchasing? What audiences are they looking to target? And which are the biggest growth verticals for audience data? These questions – and more – were answered in our first year-on-year index tracking audience data.

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What Is A Chief Data Officer - And Do You Need One?

by Dominic Seah on

Kevin Tan, CEO of Eyeota, is quoted in MyCustomer about whether organizations need a chief data officer: 

With data volumes increasing exponentially, a growing number of organisations are appointing chief data officers (CDOs) in the hope that they can improve efficiencies in the way that information is dealt with, and ultimately drive competitive advantages from it.

Analyst house Gartner estimates that the number of CDOs has risen from 400 in 2014 to 1,000 in 2015, and forecasts that as many as 90% of large companies could have a CDO role by the end of the decade.

Explaining this ambitious estimate, Gartner’s research VP Mario Faria says: "Business leaders are starting to grasp the huge potential of digital business, and demanding a better return on their organisations' information assets and use of analytics. It's a logical step to create an executive position — the CDO — to handle the many opportunities and responsibilities that arise from industrial-scale collection and harnessing of data."

Certainly there is strong evidence of a significant appetite for such a role. In an Experian report from 2015, which interviewed 250 CIOs, 90% of respondents said they believed that data is changing the way that they do business. And – critically – nearly half of them (44%) reported that they themselves are facing major challenges with the volumes of data. Read More

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Top 6 Myths about Audience Data and Programmatic Ad Buying

by Kevin Tan on

What are some of the most common myths about audience data and programmatic ad buying? Kevin Tan, CEO of Eyeota, writes in Digital Marketing Magazine UK about the top six myths that advertisers and publishers have.

Advertisers are struggling to get their voices heard amongst the crowded digital landscape. At the same time, publishers are competing for the interest of users to gather audience data which would result in targeting them with applicable ads.

“First-party data is superior”

Three types of audience data exist: first, second and third-party. Marketers often presume that the only audience data they need is their own first-party data – whether this is collected from their own CRM data, transactional or location data.

However, this results in restriction. By just focusing on first-party, you will only be able to understand your target audience in the scope of their websites alone and no further. Alongside this, first-party lacks scale, resulting in marketers having to perform lookalike modelling to gain scale, leading to a loss of data quality during the process. The inclusion of high-quality third-party data allows marketers to achieve scale in their data.

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10 Tips for Successful Networking at Events

by Kristina Prokop on

Kristina Prokop, Co-Founder of Eyeota, shares her 10 best tips for networking in Real Business

"Love it or loathe it, when it comes to business, networking is not only imperative, it is also incredibly valuable. Luckily, I happen to love it. Here are some tips for networking which I have compiled over the years from attending various events in the tech industry around the world."

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International Women's Day: Close, But Not Quite Enough

by Dominic Seah on

Kristina Prokop, Co-Founder of Eyeota, writes in IDG Connect about why we need to celebrate International Women's Day - and what more can be done to cement our status as women working in the tech industry. 

International Women’s Day marks its 26th birthday this year, and there is indeed much to celebrate.

Last year we saw some brilliant strides forward in terms of gender equality: from Shared Parental Leave – allowing parents to take a year off however they like, splitting 37 weeks of statutory parental pay between them – through to the release of Suffragette, which had a female director, producer, screenwriter and largely female crew. Not to mention the boost of female MPs in the 2015 election, jumping from 22% women in the previous election to 29%.

But we’ve still got some way to go.

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Back to Basics with Eyeota: Which data is the best - declared or modelled?

by Dominic Seah on

Eyeota launches a series of Back to Basics educational infographics and articles. We hope to demystify the wonderful world of audience data and the role it plays in driving the digital advertising ecosystem. 

In the second part of our series, Digital Strategy Consulting shares our infographic with tips for marketers and buyers on the differences between declared and modelled data, and which works best for your campaign:

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Back to Basics with Eyeota: Handy guide on how to use audience data

by Dominic Seah on

Eyeota launches a series of Back to Basics educational infographics and articles. We hope to demystify the wonderful world of audience data and the role it plays in driving the digital advertising ecosystem. 

This week, Netimperative shares our infographic with tips for marketers and buyers on how to use audience data for your online ad campaign strategies:

  1. Use the right metric
  2. Make sure your campaign strategies work together
  3. Monitor bot traffic
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Datenpakt für mehr Zielgruppendaten

by Dominic Seah on

Adzine: Experian Marketing Services und der Audience-Data-Anbieter Eyeota haben für den deutschen Markt eine Partnerschaft geschlossen. Offline-Daten von Experian werden von nun an über Eyeota zur Online-Nutzung den Demand-Side-Plattformen (DSPs) zur Verfügung gestellt.

Experian ist ein internationaler Anbieter einer Cross-Channel-Marketing Plattform über die Unternehmen Daten und Consumer-Insights ihrer Marketing Maßnahmen gewinnen und daraus Zielgruppenprofile erstellen. Experian verbindet mit der eigenen Lösung „Mosaic“ dabei die unterschiedlichsten Datenquellen zur Erstellung von Clustern für jede verfügbare Region. Diese Cluster sind nach Angaben von Experian auf die jeweiligen Märkte abgestimmt.

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APAC Inertia Holding Back Adoption of Third-Party Data

by Kevin Tan on

Happy to stick to the original media plans they have been using since day one, advertisers are unwilling to embrace new ways of doing things. In this byliner, Eyeota CEO Kevin Tan discusses how this inertia is holding back brands in Asia-Pacific from tapping third-party audience data.

When we first started Eyeota in 2010, programmatic buying of inventory was starting to take off, but there was a dire lack of third-party audience data. So, the company was born to fill this gap in the market. With additional funding from our recent Series A, which raised USD$7m (£4.85m), we will aim to continue providing high-quality audience data, with scale and reach across the globe.

Data is at the heart of our business and places us at the forefront of market trends in the digital advertising space, especially with the massive potential for audience data usage in Asia-Pacific and significant growth in demand of B2B data worldwide. As of January this year, we’ve seen a year-on-year increase in demand, as indicated by our growth rates in this region, where we grew 184% in Southeast Asia and 186% in the rest of Asia-Pacific markets.

Specifically, countries with the highest demand for B2B audience data include Australia, Singapore, UK, and US. I expect B2B advertisers to continue investing in B2B audience data for targeting online audiences.

Adoption of audience data, however, is not without its challenges. In Southeast Asia, the use of third-party audience data is nascent and key challenges hinder its growth.

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