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Kristina Prokop on the Eyeota Story

by Dominic Seah on

How did Eyeota become the global leader in audience data today? Kristina Prokop, Co-Founder and EVP Global Platforms, shares the Eyeota story in the Project A Ventures' blog:

How did you get the idea of founding Eyeota?

There is a lot of digital clutter and it can be challenging for brands to reach their consumers online. Our audience data helps advertisers to understand their target audiences in a new way – as real human beings – so they can serve them with relevant ads. Consumers are more likely to respond to an ad that meets their needs. No one is going to care about a holiday offer to Hawaii if you have just returned from one.

Where did you meet as a founders team? What’s your founder’s story?

I met my other co-founders Kevin Tan and Trent Lloyd while we were working at online advertising platform Adify, which was purchased by media conglomerate Cox.

While working at Cox after the acquisition, we saw a surge in programmatic advertising and audience-based targeting around the world. But there was a massive lack in the market for high quality audience data with scale and reach. A lot of companies were based in the United States, and merely applied the same data collection strategies to markets outside the US without understanding the needs of each market.

Eyeota was born in 2010. Chris Sandberg joined us as CTO in 2011 to provide his vision for Eyeota's innovative programming, tools and infrastructure. Today, we are the global leader for local audience data, operating in Asia-Pacific, Australia, Europe and the Americas.

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Nobody Wins With Adblocking

by Trent Lloyd on

Trent Lloyd, Co-Founder and GM publisher development at Eyeota, writes in AdNews why the adblocking issue is a battle where neither advertisers nor publishers will win. 

Surprise, surprise. The advertising industry thinks ad-blocking is a bad idea. But many web users – more than one million Australians – claim it provides a better online experience. Pagefair estimates that as many as 200 million web users globally might be using ad-blocking software. For them, it seems, the concept of a website funded by advertising is too intrusive to contemplate. Yet they are happy to consume the content. They like the idea of a free lunch. Yet they have cost publishers US$22 billion in 2014.

Randall Rothenberg, President of the Interactive Advertising Bureau in the US, describes ad blocking as robbery, plain and simple. He says it is “an extortionist scheme that exploits consumer disaffection and risks distorting the economics of democratic capitalism”.

Sadly, the response from those installing the software is likely to be, “well, he would say that wouldn’t he?”

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The True Value of Audience Data for Marketers

by Trent Lloyd on

The true value in data is knowing as much as you can about your audience, writes Trent Lloyd, Co-Founder of Eyeota in Marketing Magazine Australia. 

In programmatic trading land ‘more’ data is definitely more. The more data points marketers have about an individual, the more likely they are to be able to build a valuable profile of them as a human being.

Until recently it’s all been about harvesting data, but finally we’re moving into a far more exciting phase of actually using data.

It’s no longer a case of whether or not advertisers need ‘big data’.

It’s a case of who has the best data combination in the race to unlock the greatest audience value.

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IAB Australia: How to Use Demographic Data for your Online Ad Campaigns

by Trent Lloyd on

Trent Lloyd writes in IAB Australia's blog about how brands can use demographic data for their online ad campaigns, bridging the offline to online data connection.

There is little doubt that online advertising must make more of demographics. We have become so focused on behavioural, that we often forget the ‘who’ part of the equation.

Demographics have been around since the early days of direct marketing, long before the Internet erupted. Mail-outs were A-B tested, just as landing pages and online ads are today. And audiences were segmented based on geo-demographics – the scientific way of telling who you are based on where you live. If you live in a four-bedroom house in Point Piper in Sydney’s east, for example, you are probably a wealthy family. You might even be the Prime Minister.

The same demographics can be used for your online ad campaigns today. The likes of Experian, Roy Morgan and Ipsos can provide the data to plug into your campaigns, but we need to make more of it – and the data probably needs to get richer. In the offline marketing world geo-demographics have enabled the direct marketing industry to identify a wealth of information based on where somebody lives. Every home in the country is segmented. We really need to see the same sort of granularity online.

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Spectre and Big Data

by Trent Lloyd on

The social stigma surrounding big data and information retention is explored in Spectre, this year’s James Bond film. Trent Lloyd discusses the growing need for targeted marketing content in advertising strategy, and the importance of explaining the difference between anonymous and identifiable data.

In the latest Bond movie, 007 infiltrates Spectre, a secret organisation that is hacking into government databases. They know everything about everyone. You can’t help but leave the cinema wondering whether big data is such a good thing, and whether the government’s recent metadata retention legislation is something to worry about.

In terms of sheer entertainment value, you’d have to give the movie 10 out of 10. But for furthering the opportunities of richer data in advertising targeting, well, it was less than helpful. It makes data something to fear, rather than embrace.

We know that data is crucial for advertisers. When media choice was limited we could place ads on TV, reach millions and hope for the best. Now, with almost one billion websites around the world, we need data to help reach the right people. The scatter gun approach doesn’t work anymore.

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Eyeota at SXSW Part 2: How Brands Can Use Data for the Customer Journey

by Trent Lloyd on

It’s been incredible for Eyeota as we wrapped up SXSW this week, meeting some of the most brilliant minds in the business to talk about data and marketing in a digital age.

On Tuesday we attended “Personalization Uncovered: Creeps vs Grocery Stores” presented by Kevin Lindsay, Director of Product Marketing at Adobe; Sabrina Pasini, Director of Marketing Analytics at Aetna and Vaibhav (Vab) Dwivedi, Senior Marketing Manager of Digital Customer Experience Optimization at Dell.

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Data Update: What’s new in audience targeting?

by Trent Lloyd on

Here at Eyeota we’ve been collecting, sorting, matching, validating and bundling audience targeting data for nearly three years. Our overall profile depth and supply has grown extensively, and during that time we’ve seen how trends in data purchase have changed the way audience data is bundled and sold. Audience data is not only a numbers game, validity and lifespan play a far greater role in the collection and purchase of data. Here’s six observations about how audience profile data and audience targeting is evolving.

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