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Audience Data 101  

What is audience data?


Audience data is simply data points collected from individual browsers. It reflects real users doing real things on the Internet. More than 30,000 publishers worldwide have partnered with Eyeota to turn their existing audience data into additional revenue.

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How do you know if you have audience data?

Do you have audience data infographic

If you have a website or blog, then the answer is YES!

We have identified the Top 10 Sources of Audience Data: View this checklist [infographic] 

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How to Monetize Your Data 



⇒ 5 Simple Steps to Start Monetizing Your Audience Data 


Start monetizing your audience data with Eyeota


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data should humanize brands not disrupt humans

Why isn't digital marketing success measured by lifetime value.png

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Digital and demographics a match made in heaven.png
Data should give your brand personality rather than achieving 'stalker status' Why isn't digital marketing success measured by lifetime value? What the rise of publisher alliances will mean for advertisers?



  Eyeota Hotel Booking Case Study Site

Case Study: Eyeota Reveals Untapped Monetization Opportunities for Hotel Booking Site

Challenge: Maximize publisher earnings throughout the year

Who: A hotel booking site

Symptom: Experienced decreased revenue after the peak travel booking season

Solution: Eyeota insights help to secure a consistent source of revenue throughout the year


Download the case study to learn how audience data can become a consistent source of secondary income



Eyeota webinar deep dive on audience data spend trends.png

Webinars: Deep Dive on Audience Data Spend Trends   

This webinar provides tremendous insights to data owners and publishers, so you can understand market trends and plan ahead. Highlights are:

  • Seasonal trends in audience data usage based on key advertising calendar events

  • Newcomers to audience data and advertiser sectors that are showing strong signs of growth

  • Top spenders in audience data and how their usage has changed year-on-year

  • Segment preferences across various advertiser sectors and what this tells us about their marketing strategies 

Want to watch the webinar recordings now?

Watch Webinar Recording on APAC Audience Data

Watch Webinar Recording on EMEA Audience Data 



Security & Privacy 

A Partner You Can Trust 

Eyeota is the global leader for audience data with offices in Berlin, London, Melbourne, New York, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo. We collect audience data from over 30,000 websites globally and have over 2 billion unique profiles. Our branded data partners include the most trusted information and services providers in the world. Some of the largest global media agencies use the Eyeota Data Marketplace to plan and target advertising campaigns. Read more about Eyeota


Industry Partners Include

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Safe, Secure and Private

Eyeota is 100% privacy compliant and only uses non-personally identifiable information. We work with numerous data privacy associations to provide world-class protection tools for our publishers and data providers. View our Privacy Policy.

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