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Better Programmatic Targeting - Car Owners   Engage With the Right Health Consumer 


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Better Programmatic Targeting of Types of Traveller    Mapping the B2B Buyer's Journey


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Engage Your Shoppers By Understanding Them






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The Global Audience Data Report 2017 includes internal data reflecting the audience data expenditure
of over 3,500 brands for more than 40,000 campaigns in over 60 countries.

Our proprietary indices track how much brands invest in audience data and highlights
expenditure growth and preferences for different types of audience profiles.


Index Report_H1 2017_Resources Page.png   Audience Discovery Tool


The Eyeota H1 Annual Index Report contains data
tracking thousands of campaigns 
executed by hundreds of
agencies across 60+ countries.



Eyeota Audience Discovery Tool: Uncover new audience and target insights for your campaign

  • Find the most up-to-date regional and country audience data volumes. 

  • Discover the most relevant audiences for your campaign by keyword search or most commonly searched terms.

  • Access segments by geo, partner, segment category or vertical.