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Eyeota Data Desk

Visit the Eyeota Data Desk, and let our Audience Specialists give you the
best recommendations on how to boost your campaign performance!

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Case Studies


Eyeota Multi Attribution Case Study    eyeota's demographic audience more accurate than 3rd party data case study.png    eyeota delivers lowest CPC case study.png    Eyeota hotel booking case studypng
Audience Data Plays an Upper Funnel Role in Driving Campaign Performance   Eyeota’s Demographic Audience is 53% More Accurate Than the Third Party Data Provider Average   Eyeota Delivers Lowest CPC in Three-pronged Campaign Strategy   Eyeota Reveals Untapped Monetization Opportunities for Hotel Booking Site





White_Papers.png Reports


Download Eyeota 2016 Annual Index Report    Eyeota Audience Report Dashboard

Eyeota 2016 Annual Index Report t
racks how marketers across various advertiser sectors use audience data.

  • For advertisers, it provides a rare window into how their peers in their category are using data and which audience segments work well for specific advertiser sectors. 

  • For publishers, it provides further insights about the most sought-after data segments, and the types of advertisers purchasing them.


Eyeota Audience Report: Find the audience you need at your fingertips 

  • Find the most up-to-date regional and country audience data volumes

  • The Search for Segments tool enables you to search for a relevant segment for your campaign by keyword or segment name.

  • Segment suggestions for Hot Topics such as political elections and sports events will scale up your campaign.


 USA Market Update    Australia Market Update    New Zealand Market Update
US Market Update - Country Deep Dive    AU Market Update - Country Deep Dive  
NZ Market Update - Country Deep Dive



Eyeota FMCG CPG White Paper


Eyeota Elections White Paper

How to "Sharpen" Your Online FMCG Ad Campaigns?

Eyeota presents a how-to guide on using audience data to “sharp-en” your digital marketing strategies. We highlight the best types of audience data to use for your campaign strategies to achieve maximum results in a handy cheat sheet.


For A Political Candidate, Every Vote Counts. 

Elections advertisers are stepping up their digital spend to reach potential voters online. Eyeota's how-to guide presents a handy solution on the types of audience data segments elections advertisers can use to reach potential voters effectively.

Eyeota Sports White Paper   Eyeota US Back To School White Paper

Be Where Your Sports Fans Are

Online platforms are where advertisers should target their sports fans. Digital advertising is nimble and responds to moments before, during and after an event at lightning speed. We highlight the best ways to reach sports fans using audience data for your online advertising campaigns.



Strike While The Iron is Hot 
to Influence Customer Decisions

The Back-to-School period involved a sizeable pool of retail dollars, making it the second-biggest retail event after the winter holidays. Eyeota presents our how-to guide on how to use audience data to target Back-to-School shoppers online.





Infographics.png Infographics




Eyeota | Grapeshot - Joint Parents Insights

 Reach Parents Using Audience Insights

Kantar TGI Launch_Website-1.png   Eyeota_Promotional Banners_ Eyeota - Skimlinks_Retail_Website Banner.png
Better Programmatic Targeting of Types of Traveller   Engage Your Shoppers By Understanding Them


FMCG infographic_Eyeota.png   Election Infographic_Eyeota.png   Eyeota's beginners guide to programmatic
 FMCG & Audience Data     The Data Party - the Elections Infographic      Beginner's Guide to Programmatic
Top 3 Myths of Programmatic   Declared vs Modelled Data   Handy Guide: How To Use Audience Data
 Top 3 Myths About Programmatic    Which Data is the Best - Declared or Modelled?    Handy Guide on How to Use Audience Data
Stats About Data & Programmatic   Retargeting Is Not Audience Targeting   Do You Really Need a DMP?
Stats About Data & Programmatic   Retargeting is Not Audience Targeting   Do You Really Need A DMP?


  FMCG_Cheat_Sheet.png   US_Elections_Cheat_Sheet.png   Australia_Elections_Cheat_Sheet.png   Sports_Cheat_Sheet.png
   FMCG Cheat Sheet     US Elections Cheat Sheet     AU Elections Cheat Sheet    Sports Cheat Sheet


Back-To-School Cheat Sheet